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No Shame, No Blame : Making Mental Health a Priority

No Shame, No Blame : Making Mental Health a Priority

It is one of the saddest facts of the present time that people do not take issues related to mental health in a serious manner. If somebody wants to open up about their feelings and thoughts to another person, then they feel that they will be judged and that their pain  will not be understood by the other people. It is therefore probably high time for all of us to come together and spread awareness about the importance of talking about issues related to mental health so that we can together make our society a happy and contented place.

In order to remove the taboos associated with mental health problems, first of all, we all must accept  that anybody can fall victim to depression or anxiety. It is our responsibility as a wise citizen to listen to their problems and provide them clinical therapy if and when provided. A lot of people do not open up about their mental health problems because others bully  them or laugh at them. It should definitely be avoided at all costs. The efforts should be made in the direction of firstly identifying the reasons of depression and anxiety or any kind of psychological abnormality. We should not forget that if mental health problems are not addressed properly, then one can start entertaining suicidal thoughts and other self destructive habits. If there is somebody in your family who complains about feeling unhappy, lethargic, or inactive for a longer period of time, you must not turn up the deaf ear to them and should attentively listen to their concerns.

There are multiple ways of helping the people suffering from mental health issues. First of all, you need to be compassionate and generous. It is the need of the hour for all of us to be polite and kind towards other people who are  suffering with some kind of mental health concern. There is definitely no shame attached to the idea of going to a therapist. Just like our bodies can be cured by the doctors, our mind and its problems can be told by a psychologist or a therapist. For the people who cannot afford expensive medical care associated with mental health improvement, certain steps have been taken by the government to ensure that everybody gets a viable platform to talk about their problems.

However, the efforts made by the government alone are not enough and we all need to come together as a society to be there for each other. With the same vision and intention, Geetanjali Care, a non-profit and a non-government organisation, has decided to come up with seminars and campaigns in order to spread awareness about mental health concerns. If a positive narrative around talking openly about mental health problems is created, a part of the problem can be solved. If you also resonate with this version of Geetanjali Care, step forward and join hands with us so that we can together make our society a happier and a safer place to live in.

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