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Giving Love

Your help will open up more promising times to come for kids, families, and whole networks.


Your donation can help us offer more services to more people and is a tax deduction.


You can contribute your time, skills and knowledge through volunteering with the UN.

Saving Planet

Your chance to protect our nature on the the planet Earth as well as below the water.

All of us deserve a comforting life and we all have the right to access the bounty Almighty has graciously bestowed on us. Adhering to this noble principle, Geetanjali homestate Private Limited delightfully introduces to you Geetanjali care-a Non-Government Organisation/Non Profit Organisation. An initiative singularly dedicated towards bettering the lives of the underprivileged and less privileged ones, we as a team endeavour to bring the basic amenities to everyone who is in need. Primarily our services accentuate on child education. By associating ourselves with the recognised educational institutions like schools and colleges, we shall be making our meaningful contributions so that the school can enable themselves to give quality education to the children by getting them books, stationery, and other important educational tools.

Furthermore, we firmly believe that a woman’s biological health is of utmost importance and therefore we shall be financially empowering the needy women by making dependable health services readily available to them. Moreover, multiple times, it has been observed that getting a girl married becomes a financially draining experience for her economically deprived family. Geetanjali Care pledges to help such families so that the daughters of unprivileged families can also experience a dignified wedding.

Geetanjali Care has been introduced the noble intention of lightening lives of the poor and the downtrodden ones. The team is single-mindedly dedicated towards bettering the lives of those around them and the ultimate goal is to touch the lives of children and women in need in a positive way. In the near future, we want to expand so as to to empower the needy ones with the required resources and tools. We want to tie up with as many organisations as would be willing to and will certainly ensure that through our efforts, people who have forgotten to smile can reclaim it.

Rightly so, the Founder and Co-Founder at Geetanjali Care have together seen a dream to beautify the lives of underprivileged women and children and they aspire to join their hands with the like minded people to change this dream in reality. Their vision is to expand their network by connecting with volunteers who can help them spread happiness in a more dynamic way. Additionally, they intend to keep on adding more services and more people in their core team as the time unfolds. They’re extremely optimistic about their initiative and do sincerely look forward to transforming lives for the better.

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